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We Buy Collections


People ask us all the time, “What are you looking for?” and this can be a hard question to answer… Is it cool and valuable? Then we want to see it and so do our fans! We would be glad to offer you a FREE evaluation of your items and help educate you on what you have.

Do you have a box of forgotten and dusty old toys in your closet, basement, or attic? Are you moving and need to make room for less? Getting married and want to raise funds for your big day?

ToyBomb is standing by to assess your toys & collectibles – modern and vintage toys, action figures, collectibles, trading cards, card game products, and tons more. But don’t overlook how much value you might have in your collection! Although we buy all sorts of things, we are most interested in:

  • Any sort of collectibles, especially things we already sell on this website.
    Ex: Funko Pop, Funko Sodas, Lego, Star Wars, Marvel, DC Universe, etc.
  • Officially Licensed pop culture products & accessories.
  • Other action figures, collectibles, or vintage toys.
  • Nintendo and other video games.
  • Sports & music memorabilia.
  • Movie props & memorabilia.
  • …and much more!
Sell Us Your Enitre Collection

No need to pay exorbitant eBay fees or deal with flakey OfferUp/Facebook Marketplace buyers. Save yourself time and hassle while still, receiving fair market compensation. Like-new sellable condition figures will receive maximum value. A mix of high and low-value items will increase the average per-item price and help offset shipping for shipped collections. Our only rule is all toys must have been stored in a smoke-free environment.

For more information feel free to call us, contact us, or use the webform below.

Buy Collections

Maximum file size: 25MB

Optional upload of .txt, .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, or .csv list of collection. Optionally photos of the collection if no list available.
Maximum 10 files per submission. Maximum 25MB per file.