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Use Wishlists to Make an Offer for a “Name Your Price” Discount

ToyBomb integrates powerful Wishlist functionality which adds a variety of features, including the ability to “Name Your Price” and submit offers for the contents of a wishlist to the store staff for evaluation.

How to Make an Offer

  1. Add Items to Your Wishlist
    Browse ToyBomb.com and click the “Add to Wishlist” link below the [Add to Cart] button to add items to your wishlist.
  2. Navigate to Your Wishlist
    You can access your wishlists via View Account > Wishlist or Manage Wishlist. Click on the list you want to submit.
  3. Click “Make an Offer” Button

    At the bottom of your wishlist is the “Make an Offer” button. Click on the button to open up the pop-up offer form.
  4. Enter Your Desired Price
    In the “Offer Price” field enter your desired price.
    Optionally if you want more than 1 quantity of any item add it as a note in the “Additional notes” section.
  5. Click “Submit Offer” Button
    Guest users not logged into an account may be required to enter their email address to submit your form.
  6. We Will Get Back To You Soon!
    Sit tight, we will get back to you soon, either with an invoice for your offer or our own counteroffer.

We here at ToyBomb are always happy to cut deals and depending on the contents of your submitted list we are open to most competitive offers.

Feel free to try out this feature for yourself.
The worst we can say is “no”, but I assure you we really want to say “yes”!

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